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  • Brass On The Battlefield

    It's a sombre feel this week, as we approach our annual holiday for ANZAC Day.

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  • Squier Electric Guitars

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  • The Power of Music to Keep You Warm At Night

    Welcome to a new week! As a rolling stone gathers no moss (however you choose to take that!), we again have some exciting changes to announce around here: a new Team Member!
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  • Fire Up Those Brain Cells, it's Showtime!

    Well we are all in the recovery stage from our awesome Easter weekend, and for some of us that means hitting the gym to burn off those extra calories. (Did someone tell you Easter Eggs had no calories? Who would do such a thing?).. well guess what parents, there is something that not only gives your kids an outlet for all their chocolate infused school holidays energy, but it involves our very favourite thing in the whole wide world: MUSIC!

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  • Fender Electric Guitars This Week at The Music Spot

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  • Dopamine, Philosophy and Flamenco ♫♪

    Happy Easter! Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and stuffing yourself full of chocolate. Remember, on Easter Sunday, all chocolate magically becomes calorie-free. This is an immutable law of physics.
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  • Classical Guitar Week at The Music Spot

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  • Music Creates Confidence, and Fender Creates Music

    First up, lemme start with this week's Double Deals, because we have some schweeet pieces here.

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  • Double Dealin' and Rollin' with the Homies

    Someone had some super juice for breakfast this week and came up with a brilliant idea: what if we make two awesome deals, and give people the choice as to which one they wanna take?

    So let me introduce to you, not Billy Shears, but The Music Spot's new Weekly Double Deal!
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  • Must Have Keyboard Accessories

    Accessories make life easier and more fun. No matter what you are talking about, accessories make it easier for people to personalize their stuff and use it better. Musical instruments are no different. Musicians use accessories to help themselves become better at their craft, and in some cases be more efficient with their processes. In this blog post, The Music Spot will discuss all the accessories any keyboard player must have.
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