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  • Focus On Ukuleles, & New Roland Drums!

    Welcome to a new week!  This week's In Focus is Queensland's favourite instrument: the Ukulele. Perfect for the family and friends get-togethers that are happening all around us at this time of year, Ukuleles have long been a favourite of children and adults alike. And we have so many to...
  • Focus On Whistles, & New EPIPHONES!

    Welcome to a new week!  This week's In Focus is Whistles, Recorders, and things that go when you blow! Well, except for Harmonicas. They have their own week, and you will be hearing from them soon. As you can see above, we have a fine collection of fun, cheap, yet fully tuned...
  • Focus On Banjos, & New Ibanez Electrics

    Welcome to a new week!  This week's In Focus is the Banjo, and all the accessories you would need for your Banjo. Banjos are brilliant and fun Folk instruments and we usually have one or two in stock for you to try out. We currently have this gorgeous Recording King...
  • Focus On Keyboard Accessories, & New Drum Kit

    Welcome to a new week!  This week's In Focus is Keyboard Accessories. That means all the things you need or want if you are playing Piano or Keyboard. First up, you would probably want a stand to put your Keyboard on, so this Xtreme model would suit your needs perfectly - double braced...
  • School Time Again?!

    Welcome to a new week!  This week's Product Focus is our massive range of Keyboard and Piano Books. The concept of books explaining how to play piano is as old as the Hanon hills, so what that means for you is a very wide range of polished, quality options. Whether...
  • Control That Puts YOU In The Driver's Seat

    Welcome to a new week!  This week's Product Focus is on our great range of Synthesisers and Midi Controllers - instruments that enable you to make a huge array of sounds with the touch of a few keys. We have a good stock at the moment of Synthesisers, including the XW-G1...
  • Amazing Arrays of Sound

    We have some absolute works of art appearing on our YouTube channel lately, so we thought we'd better check back in with you guys: have you subscribed to our YouTube channel??
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  • Keys Through The Ages

    Welcome to October! It's a new month, the air is warmer, the sun is brighter, and thoughts are turning towards things like Summer, Christmas, even the new school year. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - there's lots to celebrate about October!

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  • Lazy Days & Loud Screams

    At last, a long weekend! We haven't had one in, like, weeks!
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  • Babies and Cry Babies

    It's Birthday Time again! Can you guess who this adorable little package grew up to be?
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