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  • Babies and Cry Babies

    It's Birthday Time again! Can you guess who this adorable little package grew up to be? If you can, feel free to come down and tease him about getting old. He loves it! :P We've been in a history kind of mood for the past few weeks, so let's have...
  • New Faces and Strange Sounds

    Some more exciting news in the shop this week: we have a new team member! Come down and say hello, and see if you can pick where we imported this one from, based on his interesting accent! Well it's Week 2 of our Guitar Effects month, and last week we...
  • Looking Forward, Looking Back

    News news news! Guess who's taking some paternity leave to celebrate a new addition to his family!

    We'll miss your face around the shop for a few weeks, but enjoy this time with your precious family!
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  • It's The Little Things

    So be honest, hands up how many of you have never been to our store? Or for those who have, have you been in recently? We keep changing things up around here so you can never stay away too long ;)
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  • A Look Back at the Bottom Line

    So you may have noticed that August was Bass Month. Pick up any clues? Well, apart from showing off our wonderful Basses, we thought we'd better show off our wonderful Bass Room.
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  • How do you take the easy way out in life?

    Everyone's been bringing in their tax returns, and some pretty huge items have been flying out the door. But don't worry, we have restocked ;)
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  • Bass Brain and other stories

    What's on this week? Why EKKA of course!

    We are all super excited to be heading in on Monday, as that's Logan's official Ekka Day, so we won't be in the shop. Go have some fun, eat too much fairy floss and go on too many rides, and we will catch up with you on Tuesday!

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  • All About that Bass

    It's a new month - again! Does anyone else feel like this year is just whizzing by, or is that just me? We are all getting older at what feels like an exponential rate. Time to seize the day, as they say! If there's something you've ever wanted to do, now is the time to go for it. Because one minute you're a baby in a Big Dumper, and the next you're working at a Music shop and married with children of your own ;)
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  • The Latest Innovations in Music

    Where did July go? One minute we were putting together a Foosball table and coming up with a great idea to give it away, and nek minnit it's almost time to find the winner!
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  • Sing your heart out!

    With all our sale stock disappearing and new stocktaking its place, the boys thought it was a good time for another rearrangement. We've made a new Specials Section at the front, streamlined our Guitar Room and completely redone our Drum Department. The photo doesn't do it justice, you'll have to come in...

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