• Amplifier Month, and New Drum Stock

    Amplifier Month, and New Drum Stock June is Amplifier Month, and we have a great range of Amplifiers for Acoustic, Electric and Bass applications. For Acoustic instruments, try this Ibanez T15II-S Troubadour 15W, extremely portable model. If you're after a little more power there's this Roland 30W AC-33, or if you want the big guns, try this Tanglewood T6 60W Amp...
  • A Legacy of Amplification

    It's Music Spot Birthday Time, and guess who's up this week??

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  • Fender Amps

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  • Did someone holler for a Marshall?

    If you've been around the shop recently, you may have noticed a familiar face.

    Spot The Dog has been convinced to come out of retirement and make an appearance on our new Acoustic Wall, and has brought a nice comfy seat with him for all his adoring fans to sit on for Spot Selfies! If you want to be featured on our Instagram account, just drop by anytime and get a Selfie with Spot!
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  • Product Spotlight: Fender Bassbreaker 18/30

    Fender's latest release in their distinguished amp line up is the Bassbreaker series.
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  • Product Spotlight: Fender Bass Amps

    The live music scene of the 1940's in Southern California was burgeoning. Musicians were turning their instruments up to higher volumes as bands developed their signature sounds. As these levels rose, traditional acoustic bass instruments were being drowned out by their electric counterparts. Seizing on this opportunity to supply the working musician with the best tools possible, Leo Fender started working on a whole new range of musical equipment and in 1951, a brand new instrument entered the world; the Fender Precision Electric Bass Guitar.
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  • Product Spotlight: Marshall Amplification

    Jimi Hendrix. Ritchie Blackmore. Eric Clapton, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani. Joe Bonamassa. Slash.

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