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At The Music Spot, you’ll find all sorts of Print Music, including books especially for vocals (many include an accompanying CD), Guitars, Keyboards and Piano, Drums and Percussion, Folk Instruments, Band and Orchestral. Learning to read music has been shown to enhance your creativity, and give you a voice to express yourself more clearly. 

Learning to read music has many benefits.

Diversity. If you learn to read music, you’ll be able to play along with any musician, in any style. This creates diversity in your repertoire, increases your musical skill, and expands your musical knowledge.

Flexibility. When you can read music, you can play songs and music that you don’t know, or even music that’s you’ve never heard before! If you have some print music to read from, you can play along with virtually any musician, anywhere.

Improve your memory. When you can read print music, it can help you remember it better. Print music can be especially helpful for ‘visual’ people.

Write right! If you can read print music, you’ll also be able to write it. Perfect if you need to write a piece of music for another musician, regardless of instrument.

Some of the most famous and recognisable songs in popular music have only 3 chords! Armed with a simple instruction book, an instructional DVD, or a lesson or two, you’ll be playing your favourite songs in no time. Even if you can’t read music, you can be playing popular songs in days.

Another great advantage of being able to sight read music is it gives you an advantage if you choose to learn another instrument.

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Our PVG print music books are available for piano, voice, and guitar. We also sell TAB print books, written especially in guitar tablature, and general music education books. For school students, we carry all music books for the school curriculum of all the local Logan and Brisbane schools. See our page School Needs.

The Music Spot is open between 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday and between and 9:00am and 4:00pm on Saturday. We close on Sunday and public holidays.