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We sell a wide range of school music books, perfect for your child’s school needs. We stock and sell all the popular music books such as:

  • Standard of Excellence
  • Tradition of Excellence
  • Essential Elements
  • Sound Innovations
  • Music Maestros Encore on Strings
  • And lots more!

Since 1993 The Music Spot in Browns Plains, Brisbane has been supporting local schools and their music students.

We can help you with school books…

If you can’t recall which exact book your child needs, don’t worry, we have a list of all the local schools and their requirements.

...and accessories

Every music student will require accessories, and we can help you there as well. We stock pre-packaged Accessory Packs for all the local schools. Every instrument has its own set of cleaning and maintenance products that are made especially for that instrument and the material it’s made from. Cleaning products specific for different instruments, ongoing needs like valve oil for trumpets, and reeds for saxophones. You’ll also need a music stand for home practice.

Solve your school needs for music the easy way

To make things easy for you, we pre-package all the accessory items you need into one discounted pack specially for each instrument, as part of the School Instrumental Music Program. With our packages, all you’ll need to know is which book your child needs, and if you don’t know, we have a list of which schools use which books! Problem solved.

If your child needs help with an instrument, we’re here to help. Need to pick up some reeds for your child? All we need to know is the type of instrument, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, or tenor saxophone, and the number (thickness). If your child hasn’t told you, no problem, most students start out with 1.5 and move onto 2, then 2.5, then 3 when they are ready. Students each move up at their own pace, and their teacher will let them know when they are ready. Thinner reeds are easier to play and therefore perfect for beginners. As your child’s playing improves, they’ll move on to thicker reeds that allow more control over tone. We sell reeds individually and in packs of 3. This means you can always get a couple of each size, so you have something for your child to ‘grow into’.

Our school friendly opening hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We close Sundays and public holidays.